sumac fried fish

Sumac Deep Fried Fish

Fish is a wonderfully healthy food we should enjoy more of. It’s low in fat, high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin D, the list goes on. I highly recommend eating fish for good health several times a week. This recipe is a good option to have in your repertoire alongside oven-baked, pan-fried, or poached…

mint cucumber yogurt sauce

Mint And Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

A cucumber and mint yogurt is a must in any mezze! Wow! What a flavor. A flavor that goes along with so many foods, from meats to savory bread and rice dishes. My favorite is always the mellow taste of sheep’s yogurt, but any plain yogurt will do. I do not like flavored yogurts, mainly because they are usually full…

honey cake

Honey Cake with Pistachios

I’m a huge fan of this honey cake recipe! The desserts in the Middle East are quite varied in nature. From the incredibly sweet to ones with the slightest hint of sweetness, and of course everything in between. The use of cheese, nuts, semolina, honey, shredded wheat, simple syrup is widespread. This allows for a…

creamy rice pudding

Creamy Rice Pudding

It seems most cultures around the world have some form of creamy rice pudding, and not only one type of rice pudding, but many. The thing I like about this particular recipe is the subtlety of flavors and a very creamy rice pudding. I cook it much like one would when making a risotto, with…

zaatar salad

Zaatar Salad

With an ancient and delicious herb at its center, this zaatar salad is a blend of local ingredients that will give your diners something new and different to enjoy.

milk pudding

Creamy Milk Pudding

The thing about this milk pudding recipe that I like is that it is a dessert that is understated when well made. Not very sweet, with a hint of rose water as a flavor and a rich custardy texture, it is a better version of creme caramel in my opinion. When topped with crushed pistachios it’s…

middle eastern lentil soup

Middle Eastern Lentil Soup

This is a lovely and hearty Middle Eastern lentil soup. When I think of soup this is the one that first comes to mind. The defining flavor in this recipe comes from the cumin. Believe it or not cumin is part of the parsley family. Native to the Mediterranean area and east to India, it…