Why Vermont Maple Syrup Is The Best

vermont maple syrup

One of the reasons why Vermont maple syrup is the best is that Vermont has higher standards than the US government when it comes to the purity its of maple syrup. 

Vermont maple syrup which has a reputation as being some of the best maple syrup in the world has very stringent rules on what constitutes pure Vermont maple syrup. 

Used by the indiginous people of North America long before the European settlers arrived on the scene, maple syrup was a quick source of energy, and a tasty one at that. 

In a cold climate the maple tree stores starch in its roots which is converted to sugar as the winter goes on to give the tree energy. 

The trees are then tapped for this sweet sap that is then processed to produce maple syrup with its unique and refined maple flavor. 

Apparently the chemistry involved in creating the maple flavor is still not fully understood. 

No reason to avoid enjoying delicious maple products, while the sugar makers figure out all the details of the varieties in their sugar house.

Best Vermont Maple Syrup

The best can be a very subjective thing. 

Everyone has their own favorites. 

My favorite Vermont maple syrup is one that is also a very highly praised maple syrup;

No products found.

I find Thrive, made from wild-grown maple trees, is another great Vermont brand that I enjoy.

The Different Grades

vermont maple syrup

Based on the look and taste, maple syrup comes in different colors and intensities of flavor. 

Early in the season, the syrup collected tends to lighter in color, have more of a refined, and sweeter taste. 

This is what is known as the Golden Delicate Grade A Syrup. 

As the season continues the color of the syrup becomes darker and more caramelized in look and flavor. 

Next is the Amber Rich looking and tasting syrup, still considered Grade A. 

This is followed by the Dark Robust flavored syrup, and has also been known in the past as Grade B. (The Grade B label is going away in favor of the more descriptive label of color and taste) 

After this the syrup becomes even darker as the syrup season begins to come to an end. 

This is known as the Very Dark, and Very Strong Taste, that is also seen as a commercial grade and is good as an ingredient in food. 

Vermont Maple Festival

vermont maple syrup

Everything has a festival in America, and maple syrup is no exception. 

The Vermont Maple Festival has taken place in St Albans, Vermont, and this year will mark the 54th anniversary of this festival. 

They celebrate everything maple syrup!

From tastings to parades, to sugarhouse tours, prizes and awards, there is something for everyone, kids included. 

It’s well worth attending.

Vermont Maple Syrup Tours

vermont maple syrup

There are several opportunities to visit real life sugarhouses in Vermont.

You can take part in tours, and learn all about the maple syrup production process. 

You can sample all the different grades of syrup, and some of the farms even offer a pancake breakfast. 

Some of the tours to check out are at Merck Forest and Farmland Center.

These are great for a good education on creating syrup sustainably. 

Some others are: Baird Farm, Sugarbush Farm, and Mitch’s Maples

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  1. I once had an apple pie in a restaurant that uses Vermont maple syrup and from that point on, I made sure that I would one day have it always available in my kitchen for breakfasts and other purposes. I like how you mentioned that there is also a grading scale when it comes to the taste and color of maple syrup. I will make sure that I will only try to find Grade A maple syrups once I find a reliable supplier.

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