Do you love Middle Eastern food but don’t know where to begin when it comes to making it yourself? Let me introduce you to the flavors and techniques of Middle Eastern cooking, so you can explore this delicious cuisine! (This is an eBook)

What’s Included

Learn The Basics of Middle Eastern Cooking

Getting started can often be the hardest part of learning anything new. In this eBook, you’ll gain the basic knowledge you need to get started cooking delicious Middle Eastern dishes!

  • Common ingredients and spices you’ll need in your pantry
  • Basic techniques used throughout Middle Eastern cooking
  • 25 simple recipes to create in your kitchen

Meet THe Author

Hello!  I’m Chef Tariq and I’m on a mission to bring Middle Eastern cooking to every household in America! Not a small mission but I believe that everyone should enjoy the cuisine I grew up loving.

Born to an American mother and Palestinian father, I had the opportunity to thrive in two cultures that sparked my lifelong love for cooking. Between my Michigan grandmother and my Palestinian sitti, I’ve been exposed to and learned some incredible recipes.

I run the blog ChefTariq.com where I share my favorite recipes from both the Middle East and America, and sometimes a fusion of both!

What People Are Saying

I wanted to learn new recipes beyond Hummus

so this introduction helped me stretch my Middle Eastern cooking skills. I loved the simplicity of the recipes and learning more about how to use the different spices and ingredients.
Somerset, UK

Growing up half Palestinian, this book took me back

to my roots and reminded me of the recipes my grandmother used to make for me.
St Joseph, MI

I love Middle Eastern cuisine but have never really tried to make it.

This was the perfect book for me. I really liked the introduction to the ingredients and spices. Most of the recipes are easy to prepare, use common ingredients and are delicious!
Eugene, OR

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