I work with brands to help develop and extend their focus through creating interesting, shareable content for real people. Are you interested in working with Chef Tariq? Below are ways in which I can help spread the word about your company’s great products!

Recipe Development

Have an ingredient or brand you want to promote? I would love to create an original and enticing recipe highlighting your product, and feature it in a sponsored post. If you feel that your product is a great fit for my brand, I want to hear about it!

Product Reviews and Giveaways

When I fall in love with a product or brand I can’t wait to share it with others! I only review and host giveaways for products that I’ve personally tested, tasted, or can fully stand behind! If your product is the right fit, I would love to share with my readers.

Professional Recipe Videos

I can create professional recipe videos or tutorials using your ingredients and/or products. Overhead recipe videos generate unmatched social media reach. They make a valuable add-on to sponsored posts, and often increase reach more than tenfold.

Brand Ambassadorships

I am happy to work with brands long-term, especially with brands that I truly believe in. I can represent you through social media, recipe development, lifestyle/recipe videos and blog posts.

Event/Conference Attendance

I’m available for brand representation at food events, press trips, and blogging conferences. If your company would like my participation in a food event or press trip, I would enjoy the opportunity to share my experience with my readers.


If you have any questions or would like more information on how we can work together, please get in touch with me using this contact form.