#CookTheStates: My 2020 Challenge


50 States. 50 Weeks. 50 Dishes.

Discovering American Food One State at a Time​.

America is home to an abundance of cultures and foods that vary from State to State. From Shrimp & Grits in the South to Clam Chowder in the North, these dishes are unique and delicious!

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that my Mother is from Michigan and I lived in the States for 20+ years. Whereas I am familiar with a lot of American foods, there are still a lot of dishes that I have either never tasted or never made myself.

After spending a year in Jordan reacquainting myself with the Middle Eastern foods I grew up eating, my challenge for 2020 is to rediscover American food.

I’ll be cooking one classic meal from one state every week live on Instagram. I’ll be putting a poll on my Instagram story and it will be down to YOU to decide what I cook. I encourage you to cook along with me using the hashtag #CookTheStates!

Here’s to a year of delicious discovery!


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