Spicy Shrimp

spicy shrimp

I haven’t made Spicy Shrimp in a long time.

I went to Cozmo, our local supermarket, the other day as I normally do when prepping for my recipes.

That was the day I’d be making this spicy shrimp recipe.

Cozmo which is most akin to a Whole Foods in the States or Europe is the place that I can find most things I need.

Needless to say I love to shop for food.

spicy shrimp

It’s always great to see what is on the shelves (and not, over here), and to think of all the possibilities that can be created.

At the fish counter there is always a lot of fresh fish flown in from the Arabian Gulf countries.

I will often buy whole sea bream, which I stuff with cilantro and capers, adding a little cumin and allspice for a nice Middle Eastern flavor.

I bake the fish in the oven sealed in aluminum foil, and squeeze lemon juice on them when they come out of the oven.


spicy shrimp

But today shrimp is on my list, and as it happens Cozmo has some exceptional looking shrimp.

I order what I need and then wander the store for other bits and bobs while the shrimp is cleaned.

I always buy more than I should, it’s hard to resist when everything looks so good.

At this time of year I also love to harvest things from the garden we have in the Jordan Valley.

Today I picked zaatar, vine leaves, celery, fennel, and lemons.

I’m waiting for the next crop of lettuce, the tomatoes, cauliflower, red cabbage, and so much more.

spicy shrimp

Having my own garden is a luxury that I love.

It is so nice to watch things grow as you tend to them.

Even nicer to eat super fresh produce when possible.

If you have the space and can find the time I strongly suggest you start your vegetable garden, and if not plant your own herb in a window box or in pots in your kitchen.

It is very rewarding.

Seafood is something I try to eat at least a couple times a week, they say that the more you eat the better, so I try.

Shrimp is usually quick and easy, and this recipe is no exception.

Throw the shrimp in a bowl with all the spices, mix using your hands making sure that every piece of shrimp gets the full treatment of flavoring.

spicy shrimp

One of the things I really enjoy about making food is touching it.

One of the benefits of cooking is the opportunity to feel the food.

It’s important to be hands on, not only because it feels good, but because you can tell so much about food by feeling it.

I know to some it might sound strange to some, but it’s important to be intimately involved with your food.

I never understand people who cook a whole recipe without ever tasting what they are making.

It’s so important to connect with the food throughout the cooking process.

Once the shrimp is well seasoned, just throw it in a pan for a quick fry and you are done.

This dish could easily be called hot and spicy shrimp, because it is just that. Hot and spicy!

And very tasty!

To complete this dish I usually like to add turmeric rice, and a fresh salad, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil with a bit of salt.

spicy shrimp

Spicy Shrimp

When you want something light, delicious, and spicy, there is no other way to go. This fills all the senses!
Author: Chef Tariq
PREP TIME10 minutes
COOK TIME5 minutes
TOTAL TIME15 minutes
Servings: 4 people



  • Place all ingredients in a bowl except for the shrimp, water, and mint.
  • Stir thoroughly.
  • Add shrimp and mix well using your hands to be sure shrimp is well coated with the spice mixture. Let sit for a couple of minutes to allow the shrimp to soak up the spices
  • Heat the oil in a pan. Stir in the shrimp and sauté for a minute or two. 
  • Pour in the water, cover and cook for another 3 minutes. Or until cooked. Just remember that shrimp cooks fast.
  • Remove from pan and serve immediately.

Nutrition Per Serving

Calories: 180kcal - Carbohydrates: 1g - Protein: 35g - Fat: 2g - Cholesterol: 428mg - Sodium: 1380mg - Potassium: 162mg - Vitamin A: 195IU - Vitamin C: 8.3mg - Calcium: 257mg - Iron: 3.9mg
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