Okra Stew

okra stew

Okra Stew is one of my very favorite meals.

Known as bamia in Arabic.

I love Okra, and I love how it is flavored and cooked to make this okra stew.

Served with plain rice this recipe does it for me everytime.

Okra is one of those foods that not everyone is necessarily familiar with.

okra stew

It is indigenous to the continent of Africa, and is heat and drought tolerant plant that is related to cocoa, cotton and hibiscus.

Okra has a viscous and gelatinous consistency when cooked that I personally like very much.

This type of slimy feeling can be a challenge for some.

Especially people who are sensitive to the texture of foods.

But I would recommend that people develop a taste for this wonderful vegetable.

It is so so good!

And good for you.

The fiber alone is worth making this a regular food in your diet.

okra stew

Not to mention the vitamin A, flavonoid antioxidants such as beta carotene, xanthin and lutein.

And that is not all, there is vitamin C, folates, niacin, B6, thiamin, pantothenic acid, vitamin K and so much more.

This is why okra is known as ‘The Slimy Superfood’ and needs to be a big part of your diet.

This delicious okra stew is one way to partake in this superfood.

Coriander and cumin bring all the flavors together in your mouth for a mouthwatering treat.

Be sure to use small, young okra for this stew.

okra stew

The bigger okra grows the more fibrous it gets, which means it begins to feel a bit like you are chewing on cardboard when it is over ripe.

Spring has finally sprung here which means being outdoors in the sunshine is very pleasant.

I do enjoy gardening so the nice weather is a welcome change.

I’ve been trying to get the backyard into some kind of shape so that time spent out there will be enjoyable.

I’m looking forward to having many of my meals outside under the mulberry tree.

okra stew

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have my breakfast outside after getting back from the gym and my morning swim.

The air is cool with that warm feeling if that makes sense.

Breakfast is so welcome after swimming for an hour, and being outside is a bonus.

The backyard is also a great place for a nice barbeque.

Shish Kabobs, kafta, chicken, grilled vegetables, all on the menu, with okra stew as a side dish with salads, along with other mezze dishes.

This dish is good hot or cold, and it served as a side with many different foods, or it can sit on a plate as part of a mezze.

Very versatile and very, very tasty!

okra stew

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Okra Stew

A superfood loaded with flavor and nutrients, this okra stew delivers an outstanding taste.
Author: Chef Tariq
PREP TIME10 minutes
COOK TIME25 minutes
TOTAL TIME35 minutes
Servings: 6 people



Nutrition Per Serving

Calories: 60kcal - Carbohydrates: 13g - Protein: 2g - Sodium: 837mg - Potassium: 481mg - Fiber: 3g - Sugar: 5g - Vitamin A: 1300IU - Vitamin C: 28.8mg - Calcium: 77mg - Iron: 1.1mg
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