🇺🇸 The Complete Savannah Tours Guide

When we visited this charming little city, we were definitely overwhelmed with the choice of Savannah tours.
savannah tours

When we visited this charming little city, we were definitely overwhelmed with the choice of Savannah tours.

We visited one July weekend and Savannah quickly jumped to one of our favorite cities in the US.

In this post, I’m going to break down the main 8 different types of tours available.

And help you decide which of these Savannah tours are best suited for you.

Where is Savannah?

Savannah is a beautiful Southern city based in the State of Georgia. 

It is the oldest and the 3rd biggest city in Georgia.

It was established in 1733 and is situated along the Savannah River.

Why Visit Savannah?

savannah tours

Why wouldn’t you visit Savannah!

The place is oozing with culture, art and history.

There are many diversely beautiful neighborhoods in Savannah but my favorite by far had to be the Historic District.

It has been consistently named by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the “world’s friendliest cities”.

And it lives up to its reputation of hospitality and grace.

If you’re looking to experience a truly charming Southern city, Savannah is the place for you.

Different Types of Savannah Tours

There are 8 distinct types of tours, including city tours, food tours, town trolley tours and many more!

Ghost Tours

ghosts and gravestones

Savannah is America’s most haunted city.

Which makes it a paranormal playground for the ghost hunter in you!

The easiest way to see the numerous ghostly sites is on a tour.

If you like a little thrill and scare, and history, you’ll enjoy discovering all the ghostly delights Savannah has to offer.

I would recommend trying the Ghosts and Gravestones trolley ride.

Your experienced guide will recount tales of sinister deeds and nefarious characters haunting Savannahs cobblestone streets.

This tour adds an element of humor, ensuring a frighteningly fun experience. 

Ghosts and Gravestones of Savannah Tour

Duration: 1 hr 15 m | Price: $35.19 | Book on Viator

Trolley Tours

old town trolley tours

You’ll find trolley tours have become popular in historic cities such as Nashville, Washington DC and Savannah.

They definitely add to the old-time charm of exploring this city.

And as an added bonus, each seat offers great views enhanced by the height of the trolley.

I would recommend riding with Old Town Trolley Tours who offer a 1 or 2 day ticket, with 15 hop-on and hop-off stops located around Savannah Historic District.

This tour passes over 100 points of interest around the city.

The hop-on and hop-off style also allows you to travel and explore the city at your own pace.

Which I’m much more a fan of.

Especially in a place like Savannah with so much to see and take in.

Old Town Trolley Tours in Savannah

Duration: 1 hr 30 m (Full nonstop route) | Price: $35.19 | Book on Viator

Old Savannah Tours

old savannah tours

If you want to immerse yourself in the Southern charm of Savannah, an Old Savannah tour is what you’re looking for.

Journey back in time with a tour created by Savannahians who love to share their hometown expertise.

What you’ll get from an Old Savannah tour is history brought to life right before your eyes.

And keep an eye because historical reenactors can board your trolley at any moment!

You might meet Forrest Gump, a lingering pirate or Georgia’s founder.

Old Savannah Tours

Duration: 1 hr 30 m (Full nonstop route) | Price: $26.00 | Book on Viator

Carriage Tours

Historic Savannah Carriage Tours

If you want to experience Savannah in a more authentic, traditional and slower way, you’ll enjoy a carriage tour.

The slow and steady pace is an ideal way to enjoy Savannah.

You’ll find the horses delightful, the carriages handcrafted and the tours fun!

Make sure to go with a reputable company to ensure horse welfare.

I recommend going with Historic Savannah Carriage Tours.

Historic Savannah Carriage Tours

Duration: Unknown | Price: $25.00 | Book via Website

Walking Tours

savannah walking tour

I’m always a fan of seeing a new place by foot.

I think you just take in more of your surroundings when strolling.

Especially with the charming trees, historic house and the numerous squares, Savannah is the perfect place to walk.

I would recommend going with Noble Jones Tours who offer a Historic Savannah Walking Tour.

You’ll be guided by a local historian who will share fascinating details about the 9 different spots you’ll venture to.

Noble Jones Tours

Duration: 2 hrs | Price: $25.00 | Book on Viator

Boat Tours

savannah riverboat cruise

The Savannah River runs through the heart of the city, making it the perfect point for sightseeing.

Enjoy tales of the historic waterway shared by the Captain as you make your way downriver.

Without a doubt, the best tour to go on is the Savannah Riverboat Cruise.

Not only do they offer a sightseeing tour, you also have the option to do a dinner cruise or a brunch cruise.

Savannah Riverboat Cruise

Duration: 1 hr 30 min | Price: $27.50 | Book on Viator

Plantation Tours

savannah plantation tours

Savannah was at the heart of the Civil War and there are still a few well preserved plantations surrounding the city.

It’s an interesting, if not dark, step back in time.

But one well worth exploring.

While exploring plantations, take the opportunity to visit some other historical buildings.

I recommend trying the Savannah Style tour, which takes you to historical homes, churches and plantations. 

The best component of this tour is venturing inside and outside the historical district.

If staying in Savannah, it’s easy to be so caught up with everything inside the historical district, you forget to venture out!

This tour will pick you up from your hotel and take care of all the driving for you.

As you can imagine in a popular place, having someone take care of the hassle that comes with a car provides a real peace of mind.

Savannah Style Tour

Duration: 3 hrs | Price: $76.93 | Book on Viator

Bike Tours

savannah bike tours

As I mentioned above, the city is difficult to explore by car.

But if you’re lacking time to explore, a bike is preferable to walking and a lot more efficient!

Discovering the city by bike allows you access to lesser known streets.

It’s one of the best ways to see this enchanting city.

If you decide that a bike is for you, then I recommend trying Savannah Bike Tours.

They’ll guide you for 2 hours covering around 3 miles of flat terrain around historic Savannah.

Hitting the most popular spots, this tour won’t disappoint.

Savannah Bike Tours

Duration: 2 hrs | Price: $30 | Book via Website


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