🇴🇲 REVIEW: The Chedi Muscat, Oman

As a surprise for our 1 year anniversary, I took my wife to The Chedi Muscat while we were in Oman visiting family.

I chose this hotel because I wanted our night to be somewhere special and after reading some reviews, I decided on the Chedi.

I also knew we weren’t going to get much beach time during our week there so it was an opportunity to make use of their beachfront location.

I had high hopes for The Chedi because it’s a luxury brand that boasts comfort, service and serenity.

Here are my thoughts:


I booked our room through

As a member of their rewards program, I was able to book our night using a reward night.

It’s a straightforward process redeeming these reward nights and I was able to do this via the app on my phone.

I always prefer to use when booking hotels as you don’t have to stick to one hotel brand in terms of rewards.

You can stay at the most convenient ones.


We really liked the beachfront aspect of this hotel.

And due to its location, you didn’t see anything else apart from the hotel and the sea in front of it.

It took us 20 minutes to drive there from our family’s apartment and was very easy to find, thanks to the signposts and Google Maps.

Check In

We drove to the hotel and parked in their car park, conveniently right near the hotel entrance. 

As we walked through the doors, we were greeted and our bags were taken from us.

We were shown into the lobby and guided to some seats while they served us cold towels and a fruit drink.

The lobby has an impressive ceiling but felt a little cold due to the lack of people around.

The lighting was also a little odd as it was dim but didn’t make us feel the cosy effect I believe it was meant to.

Someone from Reception then sat down with us, confirmed the details of our booking and checked us in.

She gave us an overview of the hotel using one of their maps, which was very helpful as the hotel spans over a large area due to their beautiful gardens.

After, she showed us to our room, guiding us past the breakfast area.

In the room, she demonstrated certain features and then left us.

Overall, the check in process was relaxing and informative.


The main feature we loved about the room was the view.

It overlooked the beautiful gardens, a pool and the sea.

It was insanely cold when we first entered and the lady from Reception turned it down for us.

We left shortly after to go to the pool and when we returned, the room was still freezing so we just turned off the AC and it stayed cool until we left the next day.

The bed was comfortable and the sheets were beautifully soft.

The room had a dressing area, and a separate toilet and shower.

One thing I’m never a fan of is frosted glass doors for toilets.

Which this room had.

I like a little more privacy.

The dressing area was very nice with space to hang and fold clothes away as well as a vanity area.

The shower was lovely and had a strong flow.

The only downside was when I tried to shower, no cold water came through so it was scolding hot.

We had to call maintenance to come and look, and after a quick visit, the water seemed to come back to normal.

It must have been a glitch.

But Harriet enjoyed her shower with no issues.

Food & Beverage

For lunch, we ate at their poolside restaurant called The Chedi Pool Cabana.

It was easy to go from lounging right to the restaurant.

We didn’t want to eat too much as we were excited for our evening meal at their Beach Restaurant.

I had a four cheese pizza and Harriet had a chicken wrap.

We also ordered a bottle of white wine.

Overall the food was good, as was the wine, and the service was very good.

After an afternoon of lounging, we headed to our reservation at the Beach Restaurant.

This is known as one of the most romantic restaurants in Oman.

It’s location certainly was incredible.

Located right on the beach with panoramic views out onto the Gulf of Oman.

The atmosphere was just perfect for a romantic dinner.

We started by ordering two glasses of champagne, followed by a bottle of Saint-Émilion.

Candle light, a soft sea breeze and the ambient sound of the waves.

I started with Hokkaido lionmslops with salt baked carrots, wild rice, leek fondue, pumpkin oil and parmesan foam.

Harriet started with the Salmon Carpaccio with salmon roe, scallions, guacamole, pickled ginger and truffle ponzu dressing.

The food was incredible.

The balance of flavors were divine and it was a real treat.

The scallops weren’t overcooked but buttery and tender.

For my main, I had the Lobster Risotto with saffron, edamame and parmesan foam.

Harriet had the scallops starter as her main.

The risotto was rich and creamy.

It was cooked more towards the well done end of the spectrum, which I personally like.

There was a generous amount of lobster in the dish as well.

As a lovely gesture from the hotel, we were given one of those classic ‘Happy Anniversary’ desserts.

Which was very appreciated!

The service was generally good, if only with a little air of snootiness.

The next morning, we had breakfast at their buffet.

After we were seated, a waiter took us around the buffet to show us what was on offer.

But in all honesty, the buffet was neither that extensive or complicated that it warranted a tour.

The breakfast was average and would have expected something better.

The location of the breakfast restaurant is very pleasant overlooking the gardens and the sea, yet shaded perfectly.

Overall, the quality of the food here is very high and we thoroughly enjoyed every meal.


The parking was free and easy to access the hotel.

In our rooms minibar, the water, soft drinks and beer were all free.

There was a nice little selection of alcoholic drinks and snacks.

We didn’t really watch TV except for a little bit of the Discovery Channel before bed.

The TV had a good selection of channels but the guide was a little hard to navigate.

The Wifi was good and reached every corner of the hotel grounds.

They do boast a Spa and health centre but we didn’t take advantage of these.


The service overall was excellent.

You definitely get the impression that this is a high class hotel and the staff hold the same high standards.

We were greeted everywhere we went with genuine smiles.

The restaurant staff were attentive and we didn’t have to wait long for anything we wanted.

Overall Impression

Overall, the hotel was serene and peaceful which made our stay very enjoyable.

The gardens are very beautiful and worth taking a walk through. 

The amount of space that they have created here provided a feeling of staying in an estate.

Wandering to the beach and back from dinner at night was magical.

We also really liked the fact that the hotel was catered to adults and was ideal for a romantic getaway.

I would definitely recommend this hotel for couples and would return again without hesitation.


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