REVIEW: Baladi Cookbook

I’m very happy to be able to provide a review: Baladi Cookbook

I am really very fond of Baladi Cookbook.

Which translates as my country, and is the second cookbook by the very talented Joudie Kalla.

This is Kalla’s second cookbook, and every bit as good as her first entitled Palestine on a Plate.

I like the fact that she writes with pride about the indiginous Palestinian cuisine.

Along with her wide ranging knowledge of her homeland of Palestine.

It is more important than ever to preserve the identity of Palestinian foods.

And to each be reminders to the world of our precious heritage.


Too often these days Palestinian food has been relabled Israeli food.

And packaged and sold as such in many places around the word.

As Palestinians it has been bad enough that we have lost our land to a brutal occupation like which the world hasn’t seen. 

But must we lose our food to that same occupation as well?

I take my hat off Joudie Kalla for keeping alive the hopes and aspirations of a people through her very fine recipes and this homage to her homeland.

My Thoughts on Baladi

Baladi, Palestine – A Celebration of Food From Land to Sea is the kind of cookbook that explore all that is wildly tasty about the food of Palestine, and the wider influences of Middle Eastern food on it.

Broken down into sections of the different areas, and cuisines, this cookbook has lots of wonderful photos along with wonderful recipes.

Joudie describes each section with personal stories and descriptions of some of the recipes.

And the importance they have on her life.

Her garlic labneh on taboon bread with a poached is a lovely innovation of these amazing flavorful breakfast foods. 

On the topic of labneh, you must not miss is her caramelized shallots with herby labneh, just wonderful!

And so full of flavors that are not often seen together.

Whether you are looking for outstanding baked goods, from breads to pastries, or seafood, meats and desserts this is the book for you for food from the Middle East.

It is also a lovely book to just look through.

My mouth always waters as I read the recipes and look at the photos, imagining the tastes and aromas of those incredible foods.

From old favorites to new and interesting approaches this cookbook is full of some of the best.

And most refreshing recipes I know that come from Palestine. 

Baladi means my home, my land, my country, and this is exactly what it is.

Like the beautiful orange blossoms attached to its tree, Joudie pays homage and shows how she is sweetly attached to her homeland.

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  1. Thank you for this review. I have just purchased this book and I look forward to being immersed in Palestinian dining.

    Palestinian land may be occupied, but our Arab culture will live on through our people!

    God bless you and your family.

    Greetings from Canada, originally from Iraq.

    1. Thanks for your comments, and greetings! The book is wonderful and full of terrific recipes, I know you will enjoy them. We need to keep telling our stories so that they are never forgotten. Every occupation has an expiration date, but the Palestinian people don’t! Keep spreading the word!

  2. Thank you for a beautiful review! Which one woud you recommend me giving as a gift for a Palestinian 30-year old man from Europe (son of immigrants)? The Baladi or On a Plate? And do you know the book “Falastin” by Sami Samimi? Is that recommendable? I have SUCH a har time chosing! 🙂 Thank you.

    1. Hello Julia!
      Thank you for your message. I would definitely go for Palestine on a Plate since it has more of the traditional recipes. I think it is a lovely book. As for Falastin, it is also a good cookbook but with fewer in the way of traditional Palestinian recipes and more fusion type approaches. So it depends what you are looking for.
      Best regards,
      Chef Tariq

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