21 Must-Have Gifts for Business Travelers

Do you know someone who travels a lot and wonder what the best gifts for business travelers would be?
gifts for business travelers

Do you know someone who travels a lot and wonder what the best gifts for business travelers would be?

People ask me all the time what they should get that traveler they know who they think has all the gadgets.

Traveling for business is a lifestyle like no other.

It’s a lot of inconvenience, difficulty sleeping, and not being able to get good food much of the time.

So having the right arsenal in your bag will ease the aggravation of travel.

I will go through some of my favorite things on the road in the hope that you will find some great ideas for gifts for business travelers.

1. Carry-on Bag

gifts for business travelers

Having a good travel bag is essential, but not any bag, you have to know what your traveler values in their bag.

How do they like to compartmentalize their stuff, many pockets or few, big or small?

Do they want a wheelie bag or a shoulder bag, you need to find out.

All of this is very personal, but having the right kind of bag with all the right pockets and places to stash things is so important.

When I think of gifts for business travelers, this is the first thing that comes to mind.

I love my Tumi carry on wheelie, its three main compartments.

Along with a pocket at the front without a zipper for accessing quickly.

And all the other little pockets each with an important function.

I can relax knowing exactly where everything is when I want it, especially my boarding pass!

Available from Samsonite for $174.99

2. Noise Canceling Headphones

gifts for business travelers

This is a very good friend to the business traveler.

You would think that an aircraft cabin wouldn’t be very noisy, but engines create sound and constant noise is stressful.

Wearing these causes a lot of sound to cease, leaving your with a clearer and happier outlook on life.

Available from Amazon for $59.99

3. Universal Adapter Plug Set

gifts for business travelers

Definitely a must for international travelers.

With so many different devices needing charging all the time, this can’t be overlooked.

Not all universal adapters are universal, so be sure to check how many countries.

Available from Amazon for $13.69

4. Ear Plugs

gifts for business travelers

As a frequent traveler it is difficult enough sleeping in different locations while suffering from jet lag.

There are a lot of varieties out there, but I would recommend the silicone ones.

You will be thanked, and remembered after a good night’s sleep.

Available from Amazon for $3.96

5. Toiletry Bag

gifts for business travelers

Everyone needs a good toiletry bag, and that is especially true for the business traveler.

The main one I use, I’ve had for over ten years and it has served me very well.

Again the more you know about your traveler the better gift for travel it will be.

Available from Amazon for $15.89

6. Sleep Mask

gifts for business travelers

It goes without saying, but this is important.

Whether on the plane or in your hotel room a sleep mask is indispensable?

There is nothing like blocking all the light out when you are trying to keep up with your sleep.

Available from Amazon for $9.99

7. Power Bank

gifts for business travelers

A great gift for any traveler who has to worry about battery life.

These days that is anyone on any kind of business trip.

Make sure you get one that is water resistant if you can.

Travel is so unpredictable!

Available from Amazon for $29.99

8. Puffer Jacket

gifts for business travelers

A puffer jacket shrinks down into the smallest size, is light, and fits easily into carry-on bags.

It is so nice not to have too uncomfortable in the plane cabin with bulky coats.

If your destination is cold, or turns cold, you’ll be covered!

Pun intended!

Available from Amazon for $59.40

9. Sunglasses

gifts for business travelers

To me this would be a perfect gift from someone who knows me well enough to pick out my glasses.

I always keep a pair in my travel bag just for traveling.

That way, I never forget to take a pair with me.

Available from Amazon for $122.38

10. Portable Luggage Scale

etekcity luggage scale

I try not to check in luggage for trips, but when I do this is one of my favorite travel gadgets.

Knowing how much your bag weighs is essential these days.

The airlines are so much more strict about overweight luggage.

Available from Amazon for $10.99

11. Packing Cubes

gifts for business travelers

Some people swear by these will not pack a suitcase without them.

They do have the advantage of allowing you to all you various things separate but together in the same bag.

Especially loved by the organized business traveler type.

Available from Amazon for $19.99

12. Water Purifier

gifts for business travelers

These days everything is portable, not least water purifiers.

This isn’t an obvious one on a list of gifts for business travelers.

But you never know that moment when you will find yourself in a place without clean water.

With a purifier you will always know that your tap water won’t hurt you wherever you are.

Available from Amazon for $17.47

13. Travel Wallet

gifts for business travelers

A place for your passport, credit cards, and other important things.

There are many options when it comes to travel wallets, such as passport holders, money belts and wallets.

As well as credit card holders that will protect against any electronic theft of your information.

Available from Amazon for $14.49

14. Travel Slippers

Something perfect for the plane, to keep your feet clean.

We can all imagine how filthy the aircraft cabin floor is with the thousands of people in and out.

Even if they hand out socks they won’t keep unknown liquids from seeping in.

Available from Amazon for $27.99

15. Compression Socks

The right kind of socks for a frequent traveler is so important to help prevent DVTs on today’s ultra long haul flights.

These socks will give you the support you need to help your legs experience less fatigue.

Where they used to come in boring styles, today you can get them with cheerful and fun designs, even for the holiday season.

Available from Amazon for $18.34

16. Travel Journal

I wish I had kept a better track of all my travels over the years.

It would be so good to be able to look back at all the places I went and the things I did.

There are some very nice, high quality and useful travel journals out there.

Available from Amazon for $7.99

17. Kindle Paperwhite

When you are on the road you don’t always know what mood you’ll be in, and what you’d like to read.

Bringing the right book with you is not always possible, but what if you had endless books to choose from?

The Kindle allows you to download hundreds of books that should suit any mood.

Available from Amazon for $179.99

18. Voice Translator

How exciting to be able to understand your counterpart when in a foreign country.

This technology is still being developed but it has come a long way.

Depending on what countries your business traveler travels to, this could be perfect for them.

Available from Amazon for $129.99

19. French Press Travel Mug

For those who love real coffee, this is a fantastic idea, they can make themselves whenever they want.

It is so nice to be able to have as many habits from home when you are on the road, this is one.

You could also include a bag of their favorite coffee.

Available from Amazon for $22.99

20. Portable Electric Toothbrush

Having a clean mouth and teeth when you travel is such a necessary feeling for me.

Having an electric toothbrush to take traveling would be a gift I’d love.

These are small, compact and easy to carry.

Available from Amazon for $14.99

21. Push Pin World Map

It is so much fun keeping track of all the countries that you have been to.

Put this in your office to remind yourself or to show others all the places you have been, both countries and cities.

Sometimes it’s good to get a gift to leave at home for your return when you can remember all the places you’ve been.

Out of this entire list of gifts for business travelers, this is the one I love the most.

It sits pride of place in my office at home.

Available from Amazon for $75.99


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I’m a food, travel & lifestyle blogger who is passionate about creating recipes from my Arab American background. I love to travel and share my experiences and top tips along the way.

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Hello! I’m Chef Tariq.

I’m a food, travel & lifestyle blogger who is passionate about creating recipes from my Arab American background. I love to travel and share my experiences and top tips along the way.