Best Pan for Eggs: From Scrambled to Fried

best pan for eggs

A popular breakfast all over the world is the simple egg, so what is the best pan for eggs?

Eggs are full of great nutrition, and there are so many ways to prepare them.

Chickens were domesticated centuries ago because of their ability to lay eggs.

People keep chickens all over the world in order to provide fresh eggs.

In fact we keep chickens in the Jordan Valley at our weekend retreat.

Chickens lay eggs year around, although they take a break during the sort days of winter.

In the spring, summer and fall, we get more eggs than we know what to do with. 

We give them away left and right, and try to make lots of cakes!

We recycle all our household food scraps through our chickens.

It is a great use for the remainder of foods from cooking and eating.

Like most everything, having the right tools will make all the difference to getting the job done.

This is no different when it comes to cooking eggs.

Having the right pan, spatula and technique will make all the difference.

There will be several options for cooking eggs in different ways.

There is no one right way to cook or eat your eggs.

How you eat your eggs, and your preferences for them is personal.

In fact there are even egg personality tests.

They claim to say they can tell your personality depending on the preparation of your egg.

If you like to eat omelettes then you are very self-disciplined.

If you are a poached egg eater, you are outgoing and happy, with a little mystery to you.

What about scrambled?

You keep friends for life, but are a guarded person, and either have or want a high powered job.

If you like hard boiled eggs then you are disorganized, and impulsive.

Like your eggs prepared over easy means you are a cautious person. 

Who knows, maybe you will see some truth to these descriptions.

I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on the egg personality test!

Which is the Best Pan for Eggs?

Why use different pans for cooking eggs?

Because there are so many ways to cook eggs, and so many different pans out there.

For example to make a boiled egg you will need a small pot for boiling the egg in.

Whether your preference is for hard or soft you will need a good pot.

There are pans with little dips in them that are designed for making fried eggs.

There are even gadgets for making the perfect poached eggs.

Even an omelette pan is specially designed so that the eggs will slide out easily.

There are so many options when it comes to pans for cooking eggs.

From nonstick pans to those with a ceramic coating, to cast iron the preference is yours. 

Having a nonstick coating is not the only way to ensure food does not stick.

Ceramic pans work as a nonstick surface as well as a teflon coated frying pan.

You want a pan that distributes heat well, is scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

Many pans may say they are dishwasher safe but it’s much better to do them by hand in order to preserve them.

My personal preference is for a cast iron pan set, since they will be durable and oven safe.

A lot of people don’t like cast iron because there isn’t a non-stick coating on the pan.

But even so, if done right, things don’t have to stick to the pan, and you can use metal utensils.

One other popular set of pans for eggs are anodized aluminum pans with silicone handles.

At the end of the day eggs can be made in any pan, and it is down to the technique whether the food sticks or not.

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